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The Way To Italy offers a full range of consulting fees to compliment your travel planning needs. We look forward to working with you to create the Italian experience you dream of.

Travel Consulting Fees 

Platinum: UNLIMITED TRAVEL ADVICE – Unlimited travel advice from now until you return home. We also make all reservations:  hotel, villa rentals, restaurants, local ground transportation, museums, tours, live entertainment, and more. Included is a 1-2 page/per day itinerary. While you are in Italy if you need anything at all, you just call, text, or email us and we will get right on it.


Fee: $100 per travel day (example: Arrive in Italy December 3 – Depart Italy December 13 is 11 travel days = $1100 fee) 


Gold: PAY BY DAY TRAVEL ADVICE – You pick and choose what travel days you want our help with. This option is good for those who are only traveling to Italy for a portion of their itinerary or those who only want help with a limited number of items on their itinerary. Reservations and the detailed itinerary included.  


Fee:  $100 per travel day advised (example: Arrive in Italy December 3 but only need help with Dec. 5-10th is 6 days = $600 fee)


Silver: HOURLY CONSULTING FEE – Do you need us to review an itinerary you arranged yourself? Your questions, needs, and requests are emailed to us in advance of our scheduled phone call. Good for those DIY travelers who only have a few questions prior to departure. 


Fee: $100 hour and $25 for each 15 additional minutes (minimum $100 required) 


Luxury: PERSONAL TRAVEL CONCIERGE – For those who don’t want to concern themselves with any worries while traveling. We will make all travel arrangements for you as well as personally host (attend to) you during your Italy travels.  


Fee: $600 per travel day for groups up to 6. $50 per travel day for each additional person.  

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