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Rome's Borghese Gallery and What You Will Find Inside

The Borghese Gallery and Museum in Rome, Italy is home to some of the most iconic works of art in the world. It was originally founded in 1613 by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who was an avid art collector and patron of the arts. It was created as a stand-alone building inside the larger garden area (they call it a park since it is so vast) for family and guests of the Borghese Villa to visit while they were in Rome.

Plan on spending the two hours you are allotted inside the gallery. Everyone enters at a reserved time slot (only 180 guests per slot). Once you enter you are allowed two hours for your experience.

Spread out over two floors, you will see the expansive collection of sculptures, paintings, and other works of art from different periods of history, including ancient Greek and Roman, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern art, and even period-piece furniture from all over Italy.

A Few Highlights of the Borghese Gallery

Caravaggio’s painting “Saint Jerome”

Bernini’s sculpture “The Rape of Proserpina”

Tiziano’s painting, “Venus Blindfolding Cupid”

Visitors to this internationally famous museum will also see a selection of ancient Greek statues discovered throughout Italy and fantastic, well-preserved mosaics.

View of a 3rd - 4th Century Roman Floor Mosaic depicting a hunting and gladiator scene
3rd - 4th Century Roman Floor Mosaic

And don't forget to look up. The ceilings in every room you enter are unbelievable.

The Borghese Gallery also offers a variety of educational programs and guided tours. Most people opt for the headset (additional 5 euros). Annual passes are available as well.

Good To Know


Full price entrance ticket € 13,00 (last time slot € 8,00) Discounted price 18-25 years of age € 2,00 FREE OF CHARGE under 18 years of age *Ticket prices may increase when temporary exhibitions are held.

OBLIGATORY RESERVATION FEE for all tickets € 2,00.

*You cannot enter the gallery without a reserved time.


The Galleria Borghese is part of the Roma Pass 72 hours and Roma Pass 48 hours. Obligatory reservation by phoning +39 06 32810, active from Monday to Friday 9:30 AM - 6 PM , or writing to *Roma Passholders are requested to show it at the ticket office for validation.


There is a small, manned elevator that can take you to and from each floor.


The Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday. From 9 AM to 7 PM. The last entrance is at 5:45 PM.

The ticket office is open from 8.30 AM until 1 hour before the museum closes.


There is a cafeteria on the ground floor to your left when you enter the museum. It is open from 9.00 AM. until 7.00 PM

If you’re looking for an unforgettable architectural and art experience in Rome, the Borghese Gallery is definitely a must-see.

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