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Gadgets That Make Your Travel Life Easier.

We can all use little hacks that make life easier, right? My least favorite part of flying back and forth from Italy is the "stuff" I take with me and how to manage it all. Why not use one of these little travel gadgets to make your next trip better! Even the best travelers can pick up new tricks here and there. Here are a few of my current favorites that can all be found on Amazon:

1. A portable smartphone charger.

There is a unique panic that accompanies an almost-dead phone battery when you forgot your plugin in the hotel room or there’s not an open outlet to be found in an airport or packed conference room. Forget the hassle (and the panic) with a portable go-anywhere charger. Small and powerful, these can easily slip into your purse or briefcase, and some are even housed inside a phone case. Others are the size of a cell phone and can double as a wall charger. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

2. A lightweight tripod for your smartphone.

If you love to capture all those special moments but want more flexibility — or the ability to have yourself in the photo without having to take a selfie — this tool is indispensable. I use mine for zoom and skype calls as well as when I am traveling solo. This lightweight tripod comes with a wireless remote. Then you just fold it up and put it in your bag and keep exploring.

3. An electronics organizer for your carry-on.

One of the perpetual battles of traveling is keeping track of the array of devices, chargers, cords, USB cables, earbuds, and batteries that are part of a tech-savvy world. You’ll save much time and searching and mess if you can travel with them all in one handy place. We like the customizable arrangement of these compartmentalized organizers that can slip easily into your tote. I use the attached strap to hang my bag on the upright tray table during my long flights. This way I have all my electronic needs right in front of me when i need them.

There’s something so satisfying about finding the perfect travel tool that makes your life a million times easier. I think these are a great place to start!

Have you ever stumbled on the perfect travel gadget — the thing that turned into the item you now would never dream of leaving the house without? Let us all know what it is by posting about the item in the comment section below.

If someone you know is traveling soon and may need some gadgets to make their life easier, please tweet, pin, and/or share on Facebook.


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