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Children's Books to Read Before They Travel to Italy

Prepare your younger generations for travel to Italy with a few starter books on Italy.

By now many of you have done some sort of "multi-generational travel." Whether it's just you and your kids or you, your kids, and the grandchildren. Children play a big role in what you see and do on your vacations. Experiential learning for the youngest generations is such a spectacular thing to be involved with, especially when they are experiencing a new culture in situ. I feel the best way to prepare a child to be an active participant in travel is through travel books made specifically for children. Here are three books that have been recommended to me by a few of my local tour leaders and travel professionals and in turn, I recommend them to you.

And they can all be found on Amazon.

While C is for Ciao may look like an Italian language book it is really an alphabet book. Children ages 6-8 will learn about Italy's culture, history, famous Italians, and iconic monuments with every letter. The book also includes a few activities like recipes and games that older family members can participate in as well.

Kids' Travel Guide - Italy is a great option for 8-12-year-olds looking to learn about all of Italy, including its famous cities and landmarks, geography, fascinating history, and flags and symbols — as well as Italian culture. In the book, the reader is guided by a young Italian named Leonardo. I love that it encourages children to be responsible for their vacation from the very first pages by including packing lists, key Italian phrases, and food on menus.

They also have specific city guides if you prefer your child/grandchild to dive deeper into a city they will be traveling to. Kids' Travel Guide Series has books about many other countries as well. I recommend the entire series if you plan to raise a future world traveler or just someone that is more culturally aware even from his/her homeland.

Another series of books I recommend is A Scanvenger Hunt Adventure. This series too takes you all around the world in various books. I like to recommend the Florence book, particularly because there are a few tour operators on the ground that provide scavenger hunt tours for children. Like the tours, the books are so much fun that older kids and parents love to participate as well. The book is designed for the 5 to 12-year-old reader, but if you have two or more children in that range it is even fun to read together. The older children help their younger siblings with the more complicated activities.

A few other books about Italy your young reader might enjoy.

Are there any travel books you have purchased for your child or grandchild to help them prepare for another destination? Please share your recommendations in the Comment section below.

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