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The hardshell carry-on luggage I use for Italy

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

How has your luggage held up to the wear and tear of travel year after year? Imagine trying to roll your current luggage over uneven, centuries-old cobblestone. Worse yet, imagine lugging it on and off the narrow sidewalks of any small Italian city. I remember being so frustrated with my luggage after a three-week whirlwind trip from the top of Italy to the bottom of the boot, that I literally didn't even try to pick up my luggage when I crossed the Rialto Bridge in Venice. I drug it up every step and down the other side of that bridge. It was after that trip that I vowed to never travel with heavy, bulky, two-wheeled luggage again.

Enter my love affair with Delsey Luggage. Mine is the silver one below. It is the DELSEY Paris Titanium Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Silver, Carry-On 19 Inch

Hardshell Carry On Luggage pin

I have used this single piece of luggage for over four years now. It has held up amazingly well on the uneven cobblestone streets of Florence, the myriad of steps in Positano, and on trains, taxis, ferries, and planes.

I love my Delsey for many reasons:

  1. Lightweight - the case itself is lightweight which allows me to pack more and still be able to lift it into the overhead bins of an airplane and or train.

  2. Hardshell - the hardshell case means I never worry about bulging items or water damage on rainy travel days.

  3. 8 Spinner wheels - means I barely have to guide it on smooth surfaces like airports and flat sidewalks and better balancing on uneven pavement.

  4. Expandable - I can always increase the space by a couple of extra inches when bringing home gifts for family, friends, and clients.

  5. Front Zip-Out Compartment - holds my laptop and all the other items I need during a long flight. The front zip means easy access before putting it in the overhead bin.

  6. Fully Extended Handle - I am tall so I appreciate the extra length of the handle so I don't have to lean over or stoop to pull my bag.

  7. Warranties: Depending on the item Delsey offers 5 and 10 year worldwide limited warranties.

The blue one on the left in the photo above is the DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Blue Cobalt, Checked-Large 29 Inch . It is what I use for my long stays last year and this year.

I purchased mine on Amazon. And I definitely recommend that service. I had a problem with the handle on my first piece. It wasn't damaged, I just didn't like the way it looked. They replaced it with no questions asked. All I had to do was drop the piece I purchased at a local store and they sent me my new luggage right away. I got it in two days. Whether that was Delsey or Amazon, who knows. What I do know is that I purchased my second and third pieces the same way. And I will continue to do so until they prove me otherwise.

Below are links to the three Delsey products I have:


Which is better hardshell or soft-sided luggage?

For durability, protection, and weight, the hardshell is the better option. Hardshell cases are generally made from Polycarbonate and/or ABS which makes them more durable and lighter than soft-sided luggage. But, before choosing the best travel suitcase for you, consider your plans and needs by asking these 5 Questions for Choosing the Best Luggage for Your Next Trip

Do hardshell suitcases break?

No suitcase is 100% perfect, but with materials that construct the hardshell cases, the chances of the shell breaking are less than the fabric cases. ABS -short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is the hardest (less flexible) of the hardshell suitcase materials. Due to their rigidity, these may crack over time. On the other hand, cases constructed with polypropylene and/or polycarbonate are much more durable due to their flexible nature and will last longer.

If you are not totally sold on Delsey and want to see a few other options you can check out The five best hard side luggage picks of 2022.

If you have Delsey Travel products, I would love to hear your thoughts. Post in the comment section below.


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