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3 Reasons Why You Want to Start Using A Travel Advisor for Your Post Pandemic Travel

Now that the United States is slowly getting back to normal, travel is picking up. I just read a travel industry article that stated the largest air traffic is still domestic but late 2021 and early 2022 projections show international traffic picking up.

If the pandemic taught us anything it is that now more than ever we all need guidance from travel specialists like me. Of course, the usual benefits to using a travel agent are the decrease in stress and time-suck as well as exclusive travel perks only advisors get when booking for you.

photo courtesy SItaly

Here are my top three reasons you may want to start using a travel advisor post-pandemic:

  1. Because travel is so confusing at the moment and travel advisors have the best resources at our disposal. A good advisor has daily briefings from multiple resources about terms and conditions, travel protection, entry requirements, travel updates, safety advisories, and more. I have constant communication with my travel partners in Italy and any questions my clients have regarding the current situation that I can’t answer, I know my Italian partners living here can.

  2. Because you want to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Travel advisors are here to provide the best travel experience based on your comfort level. What are the current refund policies? Can I book now and pay later? How flexible is this tour? My contacts in Italy provide me with all the answers. We also collaborate to find the best travel solutions to make each client feel the most at ease during these tricky pandemic times.

  3. Because travel restrictions and policy are so fluid right now. As an Italy specialist, my main focus is keeping up with Italian travel and only Italy. Having only one target allows me to get the information you need faster than you could find on your own.

A memorable vacation is the ability to let go of anxiety, relax and enjoy yourself. Hiring a Travel Professional is one of the best ways to avoid the most stressful parts of travel altogether. If you want me to do the hard stuff for you, click here.


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