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Tips for Tipping in Italy

Tipping is not as common in Italy as it is in the States. Most staff in the service industry make much better wages than their American counterparts. On the group tours I host, tipping is included in the tour price so there is no need to worry. When on your own, the following guidelines should put you at ease:

TAXIS & UBERS (where available): 10% of the fare. You can round up to the nearest 5euor for short drives and 10 euros for farther distances.

PORTERS: 1 - 3 euro. More, if you have several bags. Personally, I do 2 euros for each bag the porter handles.

CONCIERGE: 1-2 euros if the service exceeds your expectations, but not necessary for standard recommendations.

RESTAURANTS: A 15% service charge is sometimes added; look for "servizio compreso" on the bill. If not, leaving a few euros extra for casual meals and 10% for finer dining will be appreciated. If it’s easier for you you can round up to the next 5 euro or 10 euro of the total bill. I always recommend if you leave a tip, leave cash as the server may not get the tip if it’s left on a credit card.

CAFES & BARS: When ordering your coffee or snack from the bar a tip isn’t necessary, but leaving your change from the bill is always nice. 1-2 euros for exceptional service.

HAIR STYLIST & SPA SERVICE PROVIDERS: For exceptional service, tip up to 10% of the final bill.

TOUR GUIDES: If you hired a private guide tip 10% of the tour or more if he/she was exceptional. If you are part of a larger group, you can tip 5 euros for a ½ day tour and 10 euros for a full day tour per person.